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include: Lead sheets, spigots, lead sealants, and ancillary


















The theft of lead, and of other metals used for roofing, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Lead is a traditional material that is found 

commonly on the roofs of churches, houses, town halls and other public buildings, so the threat posed to the built heritage by lead theft is significant. 

The cost of metal theft to the UK as a whole is estimated to be at least £770m.


But there’s lots of other good reasons to ditch traditional lead flashing.


Lead replacement material is one of our fastest growing product ranges. BBA Certificated and NHBC approved. It is a UV resistant composite consisting of aluminium mesh embedded in a special type of polymer rubber


Ubiflex is a non lead flashing material which can be used in most applications where lead is traditionally installed. Ubiflex is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and recyclable. Ubiflex is only of value to the installer; it has no re-sale value as scrap. Available in grey, black and terracotta, Ubiflex B3 is suitable for use in a variety of applications such as cover flashings, step flashings, rooflight flashings, conservatory flashings & cavity tray in masonary walls and is suitable for use on sharp corners. Ubiflex is the only flexible non lead flashing on the market with a BBA certificate for general use and a BRE wind tunnel test with Ubiflex B3 surrounding a chimney and sealed with Ubiflex Gap Seal, demonstrated that the flashing will resist wind speeds of up to 110mph (49m/s) without failing.


No scrap value means no risk of theft
80% lighter than lead giving health & 
safety and structural advantages
Up to 50% quicker to install than lead, 
saving time and money
Non-toxic – removes health risks 
associated with working in close contact 
with lead
Recyclable – a sustainable material
Resists wind speeds up to 110mph – 
as demonstrated by BRE testing
BBA Certified


For more information on UBIFLEX LEAD REPLACEMENT, click on the link below...




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