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VELUX has been the world's leading manufacturer of Roof Windows for over 70 years. Natural daylight can make a huge difference to any building project. You’ll enjoy the ideal combination of lots of daylight, fresh air and a clear view – creating the perfect environment for your home.

Window Sizes

- All windows are available with Centre-Pivot.

- All windows are available with INTEGRA Electric or Solar Powered.

- Only windows marked with      are avalable in Top Hung option.


Product Ranges

Centre Pivot

- Easy to open with comfortable control bar

- Available in white polyurethane or pine finish
- Can be rotated 180º for cleaning and locked in place, leaving both hands free
- Electrically operated INTEGRA® windows offer comfort at the touch of a button

Can be installed into roofs with a pitch between 15º - 90º

Top Hung

VELUX Top-Hung Roof Windows give an uninterrupted view when fully open, creating extra headroom and a feeling of being outside.

Combine them together to give dramatic visual impact and flood your home with daylight.

- Bottom handle for convenient opening

- Offers you an unrestricted view

- Suitable for emergency escape in certain sizes

Can be installed in roofs with pitches from 15º-55º. For roof pitches from 55º-75º please specify special springs when ordering.

Other windows available from VELUX include:

- Conservation Roof Windows (for use on traditional buildings)

- Sloping and Vertical Combinations

- Roof Terrace Windows (extend the living space to an outside terrace)

- CABRIO Balcony (turns from a Roof WIndow to a balcony in seconds)

- Flat Roof Windows

For more information on any of these windows, please CLICK HERE to be re-directed to VELUX. 

Pine Finish

White Finish


Pine Finish

White Finish

Complete the look...

Inviting the light into your home is one thing, but how you manage it is another. Thanks to the extensive range of specially designed blinds, you can control not only the amount of light a room receives, but its direction and quality.

The VELUX Blinds range includes Blackout, Energy, Roller, Flying Pleated and Venetian which have all been designed with supreme functionality in mind. They are also available in a wide range of contemporary patterns and fabrics.

See below for the swatches available for your VELUX window.

VELUX Blackout Blind by deigner Karim Rashid

VELUX Blackout Blind

VELUX Duo Blackout Blind

VELUX Energy Blind

VELUX Roller Blind

VELUX Pleated Blind

VELUX Venetian Blind

VELUX Awning Blind

VELUX Insect Screen

For more information on any VELUX product, please CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.

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