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Navigation Supply stock the most effective products to protect against damp and decay offering the highest standards of safety for operatives and building inhabitants. The majority our damp proofing products are supplied by the Wyakamol Group, the market leader in the provision and development of products for the remedial treatment industry for well over 70 years...

All Wykamols chemical DPC systems are suitable for use in accordance with BS 6576 and are manufactured under their ISO 9001:2008 QA scheme.

What is damp, and what causes it?

Rising damp is a common problem in older properties either because no damp proof course (DPC) was provided at the time of building, or because a physical membrane has failed or been 'bridged'. In the majority of cases the provision of a remedial DPC is a cost effective and minimum disturbance option.

Dampness in buildings if left untreated can lead to structural deterioration; it will result in decay of timber, spoil decorations and can have problematic health effects through the development of moulds and mites.

When an absorbent material such as paper, wood, cloth or brick is placed in a damp atmosphere it will absorb moisture. If the humidity changes the moisture content of the material will change with it.

Ultracure - Damp-proofing Cream

Ultracure is a unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork etc.

for control of rising dampness. Ultracure can be used in all types of masonry

without the use of high pressure equipment.

- Ultracure cream offers fast & clean installation.

- No high-pressure injection pump required.

- Virtually odourless, low hazard.

- Precise dosing.

- No pump cleaning required between jobs,

- Approved by the British Board of Agrément.

For more information on Ultracure damp-proofing cream CLICK HERE to be directed to the Wykamol website, or CONTACT US where one of our team will be more than happy to assist you.


Condensation is becoming one of the commonest causes of dampness in buildings and is nearly always associated with black mould growth.

The problem arises because of high relative humidities, a lack of natural ventilation and in most cases, cold external walls. Navigation Supply can provide a range of products for the prevention, or cure of condensation and mould growth within the home.

Mould eradication kit...

A full multi purpose kit ideal for you to deal with mould problems.

The kit is supplied with cleaning agents, all equipment and paint

additives to treat and clean mould issues in domestic properties.

Mould Clear Concentrate MCS1

This product is designed to provide an initial wash/sterilisation

treatment to remove and kill mould spores and surface growths on 

painted or papered surfaces.

Fungicidal Additive MCS3 

MCS3 Fungicidal Additive is a high quality decorative paint additive

for internal surfaces and contains a long lasting biocide for the 

control of surface moulds. It can be used in both Silk and Matt

finishes. The formulation has been proven over many years to

provide effective resistance to mould growth in difficult areas.





Anti Condensation Paint - 5 Litres

A high quality coating recommended for use on areas not subject to 

abrasion or washing. Typically this means ceilings, underside of

roofing sheets, ducting, steel building frames, pipe work, and inside

cupboards. Wykamol Anti-condensation paint inhibits condensation

by absorbing moisture and improving insulation.

Structural Waterproofing

Basement conversions are increasingly popular, and we have everything

you need to complete the job. The key to success in any below-ground 

conversion project is to ensure the area is completely waterproof - which

is where Wykamol's specialist products become invaluable.


Wykamol's high quality Cavity Drainage membranes provide an air gap between the membrane and the wall, which allows any free water to run behind it. The membrane is mechanically fixed to the original sound wall surfaces then overlaid with treated battens or other framing systems, onto which plasterboard can be fixed. In some circumstances the battens can be omitted and plasterboard and membrane fixed using special plastic plugs, alternatively a wet plaster can be applied.


Wykamol CM8 is a cavity drain membrane and is manufactured from high

density polyethylene (PEH). It is impermeable and resistant to the usual

chemicals in teh building construction.

Kontract 8

This membrane is used on both walls and floors with an 'air gap' of 5.3 Litres

of space per m2 with high compressive strength.


Available in 2m x 20m (40m2), and 2.4m x 20m (48m2), this membrane is

used for light water ingress situations.

Kontract Mesh

Dimpled sheeting with plastic mesh welded on, suitable as a damp proof base

for plaster or shortcrete, e.g, as a seepage layer in tunnel construction, or

for repairing basements internally.

Also available as a kit (including: mesh, tape, and plugs).

Slimline Mesh

Dimpled sheeting with plastic mesh welded on, suitable as a damp proof base

for plaster or shortcrete, e.g, as a seepage layer in tunnel construction, or
for repairing basements internally.

Also available as a kit (including: mesh, tape, and plugs).

Other Membranes available are: CM Plaster, K20, CM Floor, Wykamol Slimline, Kontract Geotextile & Thermoseal.

For more information on any of the above, CONTACT US and one of our team will be happy to help.


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